Our Fees

Like our service, our fees are unique and competitive, we believe that no other agent locally offers the same level of service or marketing.

How would you like to SELL

We understand that not all sellers are the same, some would like a more ‘low key’ approach while others prefer an immediate listing.

Low Key

Under some circumstances we feel that it’s more beneficial to market ‘low key’, this involves us taking instruction to market your home in a more tailored manor. We will start with all the key aspects to marketing including professional photography, video etc. But instead of listing on the portals immediately, we will hold off until a pre-determined time. This is particularly effective at quieter times of the year.

Our initial marketing concentrates on our database, network of buyers and social media. We can tap into a local market where there are often buyers waiting!

Launch day

We find this very effective, listing your home for sale with a scheduled and advertised ‘launch day’ which can generate lots of interest, so holding the viewings back for up to 14 days can filter out the browsers leaving only the genuine buyers attending to view. This can help to reduce the amount of people coming into your home, especially in these difficult times surrounding Covid-19.

Open house

This can generate a lot of interest and is sometimes an ideal way to arrange the bulk of viewings all on the same day. Additionally, this can be less inconvenient for those vendors that have busy lives and family commitments.

Friday/weekend listing

As the name suggests, this can be a great way of generating interest at a time when potential buyers have more available time. We can also combine this service with Launch Day and Open house.

Our Promise & Commitment

We are committed to building lasting and valuable relationships that are founded on good advice and honest service. We are confident in the quality of our work. To that end we do not feel the need to be defensive and tie our clients into an extended exclusive period – so, we will act for you as a Sole Agent until the property is sold unless either party gives 14 days written notice. No other agent is required.

To be part of this amazing journey, we ask you to call our office for further information on 01285 239486

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